Archive July 2011

Teacher's message 26.07.2011

The time is coming when we will speak openly. Many obstacles are in front of us, a lot of congestion, but we will be able to go around the part that hinders the advancement. We will be able to involve all the active, active part of the bright people in the work, and then at the moment of accomplishment of actions a new force will manifest itself, carrying an update. This process has already begun. Already manifested is still small, but ...

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Teacher's message 13.07.2011

We continue the conversation about the soul. Let's talk about your ability to manage your field, your energies in a coordinated way. It is important. What can be done to more accurately and, we can say, carefully understood everything that is happening in the present world? How to become a self-sufficient person who is able to know a lot and apply knowledge in his life? Many are now taking knowledge only on the basis of energy-information, storing ...

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Teacher's message 06.07.2011

Today's topic will be relevant at the present moment. Let's talk again about the relationships of all life, and above all about the elements. You understand that your life on the planet is completely dependent on the elements, on the ability to control them. First, let's look at what the elements are and what their role on the planet is. We will have to turn on the imagination as much as possible in order to enter ...

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