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Live broadcasts: new message from April 27, 2021. About current and future events

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Live broadcasts: book 9 Cosmos. Part 5. Constellation Lyra

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13th Book of Messages “Spirit and Soul. Answers on questions"

Dear friends! On March 31, 2021, book 13 “Spirit and Soul. Answers to Questions ”from the series of Messages to Awakening Humanity. The book aims to reveal such concepts as the soul and Spirit, from the standpoint of knowledge ...

March 16 is the day of remembrance of the Good People of Occitania ...

This video is dedicated to the Cathars - kind people, children of the Light, who gave their lives for the sake of faith and freedom many centuries ago. Our group visited Occitania for several years in a row in order to research and understand the true events of those ...

Congratulations on March 8!

Dear beloved girls! Happy spring everyone! There is a lot of joy, love, kindness and beauty for everyone! Let's remember our mission! Let's remember that we are goddesses! And let's help this world become a better place! Elena Novosvit Happy spring! May the world ...

Congratulations to Elena Novosvit with 20-th anniversary of the ministry!

We thank Elena for her service, complete dedication, uniting us, people of good will, in the ASCENT project, the idea of ​​which is to bring to people the messages of the Spiritual World, the Teacher and the Creator. We believe that the knowledge that goes through Elena contributes to the transformation ...

Approvals for 2021!

We, the people of Goodwill of the planet Earth, embodying the Ascent project, realizing in the present the plans of the Spiritual world to renew and cleanse planet Earth, on the eve of the New Year 2021, declare our statements, our intentions for implementation. ...

Anthem of the Cathars - Children of the Light

Based on the books “LIGHT OF LOVE” and “LIGHT TO THE WORLD” by Elena Novosvit On the eve of the release of a documentary about Occitania and Good People! “Dedicated to the Children of Light - those pure and bright souls who gave their lives to ...

Image and color. Meditative paintings of Elena Novosvit

We invite you to the page of Elena Novosvit on Facebook, where she shares her creativity with those who are interested in it ... “Creativity is connected with the creation of an image, with our figurative and intuitive thinking. We all come from childhood. We all remember how we ...

the book "Light to the World"

Friends, on February 9 we published the book “LIGHT TO THE WORLD” - the history of the Cathars of Occitania, the true carriers of the Christian faith. This book is a continuation of the book "LIGHT OF LOVE" - the story of the life of a woman known as Mary Magdalene. ABOUT THE BOOK “LIGHT ...

video "Spirit of Ukraine"

Friends, we have uploaded the video “Spirit of Ukraine” on YouTube, in which Elena Novosvit explains the reasons for the emergence of the 12th book “Messages to Awakening Humanity”, recorded in Ukrainian. Elena talks about the Spirit of Ukraine, its awakening, its qualities, how it is possible ...


The 12th book of messages “KOSMICHNA ABETKA” has been published - translation into Ukrainian of “SPACE LETTER” - a book for parents who want to teach their children the alphabet and knowledge about the world from a new, spiritual position. ...

The film “ASCENT. START…"

On December 1, 2012 the film “ASCENT. BEGINNING… ”in 3 parts The film tells the story of the creation of the books“ Christ. Messages to Awakening Humanity ”recorded through clairaudience by Elena Novosvit.            


Attention! The long-awaited 13th came out of print book “Spirit and soul. Answers on questions" from the series of Messages to Awakening Humanity.

Details about the book and its order can be found HERE.



picture of Elena Novosvit

Dear friend!

Peace to you and your home!

Our website is dedicated to you the brave, pure, loving, kind and inquisitive, to you about whom Christ said that you are the Light of this world. dedicated to our site.

We are glad to welcome you in our hospitable home - in the space of ASCENSION Project website.

We invite you to come in and learn about the new that is coming into this world, what has been revealed to us and what we are ready to share with you.

If you are interested and feel spiritual connection, then we invite you to a friendly chat, based on mutual respect and acceptance.

We extend the hand of friendship to you, for we seek to unite all the bright souls of the planet. You have the right and freedom to know and realize the new that is knocking on the door of this world. 

We will be glad if the messages recorded by Elena Novosvit become close to your heart and soul, become a part of your life, will be important, interesting, informative and exciting for you. Series books "Christ. Messages to Awakening Humanity ", "Contact", "Light of Love" you can purchase from us or partially get acquainted with them here. 

You are standing on the threshold, and we are inviting you: Come in! Let's get acquainted.

Let's save each other from biased views and hasty conclusions.

The world is on the verge of change - everything old, rough, obsolete must go as it is being replaced by new knowledge that can change our life.

We have been tired of the chains of ignorance for long enough,
We seek the knowledge.
What could be more valuable in life
gifts of Christ - Spiritual food?
We seek for answers to the questions
that worry us.
We find them in the books
that hold the light of knowledge.
The face of Truth has been too long forgotten.
The hand of Christ is lifting off the veil.
The Teacher of the world is speaking.
He brings the Light so Darkness will dispel.



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Message from the Teacher 19.03.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX. About the health matrix and assignment

We have the opportunity at the present moment of time to communicate in the most universal language - the cosmic one. This language is based on telepathy, as an inexhaustible possibility of transmitting thoughts at a distance. And no matter how distant the signal transmission source is, ...

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Message from the Teacher 09.03.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX. About the current situation, about the moment of choice, about the gift of love

So, I will continue our communication and talk about what worries us. And this is a topic about our interactions with your world. And as you understood, this interaction exists, exists and has intensified at the present moment. ...

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Message from the Teacher 02.03.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX. Entering the Narrow Gates

Today I will try to speak openly - of course, to the best of my ability, because the time has not yet come to speak fully openly. I constantly mention the opposition of worlds. And each of you can have his own, and only his own, expressed ...

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Message from the Teacher 26.02.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX. Learning to the next level. Lesson fifteen. Visualization practice

So, we will continue our work, and the greatest reward for diligence is the result obtained. It is necessary to strive for it and, most importantly, to note for yourself all the progress in this process. And I repeat once again: if they are not there, then ...

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