Heavenly Father!
The Great Parent of all beings!
You appear before us in the image of a beautiful sun,
You are wonderfully great, beautiful, and harmonious,
fill us with Your Light too!
Let Your rays, Your energy of Love
enter us and grant us perfect joy
uniting in one life flow all You have created.
Let our life be filled with Your Light!
Let our granaries be filled with Your Love!
Let our life be warmed with Your Life Flame,
washed from Your Pure Source,
cleanse with Your Pure Breathing!
Let all the Heavenly Powers,
all the invisible Forces of Light
be with us in one moment of unity,
prayer, and thanksgiving to the Creator.
Peace be with all beings.


The Teacher Christ


The prayer is written down by Yelena Novosvit

through the gift of clairaudience,

translated from Russian by Yelena Vesna

Earthly Mother!

The Holy Keeper!

You are kind and strong, gentle and loving,

You grant and protect.

We believe You,

believe that You cherish and guard,

fill and endow us, Your children,

with vigour and health.

We are a part of You, of Your power.

In You there are our roots.

We are a single whole.

Through our unity, our mutual love

well-being will enter this world.
All will rejoice and feel gladness.

And Glory and Light will be filling the space.









The prayer is written by Yelena Novosvit,

translated from Russian by Yelena Vesna


All living beings on the planet have equal rights to life, Peace, Light, and Love.
We hold their lives in our hands. We are called to protect all those we were entrusted with.
Because we are tied together and form one single organism within one common field of our Mother-Earth.
The clip is created by Yelena Vesna