A new age has come. The millennium has changed. You who are living on the planet Earth today have come into this world at the intersection of epochs, when a new ideology replaces the old one.


Christianity, like other religions of the world Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and other religious beliefs, should become a thing of the past along with the old millennium and be substituted by a new religion – one faith shared by everyone, the faith in the Creator, the faith in the One Who now rules over the planet Earth, gives her the energy of life and controls the process of her transfiguration.


If you analyze all recent scientific discoveries in the field of astronomy, astrophysics, physics, biology, genetics, molecular biology, geophysics, geology, biophysics, and other sciences, you will notice an interesting tendency: everything is changing its parameters, structure, and formula. Types of many crystals are changing. Even the structure of a human and animal cell is changing. The accelerated process of evolution is going on.


Earth is also being transfigured, she’s receiving new kinds of energy, and the further life of Earth, of her vegetable, animal, and mineral worlds will depend upon assimilation and adjustment of these energies. The further destiny of human life will also depend upon adaptation to these energies. If a human can survive under the conditions of the coming new epoch, which will radically differ from the previous one, the life of a human individual will be saved and the further evolution of a human will continue. If not, there will be no humans as a biological species. Earth will be inhabited by other intelligent beings standing at a higher stage of development, by those who will be able to save this pearl for the welfare and prosperity of all cosmic space, of the whole Universe.        


To survive, to be able to accept new energies and evolve, a human needs to accept a new ideology, a new religion, where monotheism will be the main idea. God, or the Creator, is one for everybody, there cannot be different religions on the planet, because they separate people, sow the unbelief in Divine Reason’s existence itself. People are hostile to each other due to merely religious motives. Can the Creator accept and justify this? By no means!


The moment is coming when the people of Earth will face the choice: either monotheism and fusion of all religions into one, or extinguishing of a human as a species. There is no other way. No human will be able to endure the energies that are already coming from the Creator, if their soul, Spirit, and mind are not ready to accept the new ideology, the new view of life, not just their own life, Earth’s or the solar system’s, but the life that is immense, the life of boundless expanses of cosmic space, and to feel deeply their involvement and connection with this life, to perceive themself as a part of the general Harmony of the Universe. You, the people of Earth, are not alone. We, intelligent beings, are very many. And there are intelligent beings on your planet – these are parallel worlds. You cannot see them but they exist and live beside you. It is necessary to understand and accept us, for you have no future without it.


You are facing the choice: to be or not to be? We are trying to reach your hearts by different ways and through our messengers we are bringing the truth about the world of the Cosmos and about the forthcoming changes on the planet Earth. We hope that our voice will be heard. Our representatives incarnated on Earth, who in the ancient times were called prophets, bring you the idea of salvation. They know the way out of the actual situation. Listen to them, the people of Earth! You, the indigenous inhabitants of Earth, are not that many. Thus, make an effort, rise beyond your petty troubles and needs, and open your eyes and ears! Open your hearts! Turn on your mind and listen attentively to the voice of the Divine Providence! Earth is changing her energies and vibrations, biological structure and protein code. And it’s far from being all over. The new epoch will be either creative or destructive. Humanity has no more than thirty-forty years in store.


The process is going on already and cannot be stopped. The Creator has begun to create a new planet with new qualities. There will be no more world floods, destructive world earthquakes, and no comets, meteorites or other cosmic bodies. A human will merely sink into oblivion, because they will not be able to adjust to the new vibrations of Earth and will be gradually dying out. Neither epidemics nor famine will be necessary. A human biological cell will not be able to survive in the new energies.


People of Earth, this is not a threat and not merely words said in order to frighten or intimidate the intelligent beings of another planet. No, on no account. It is our hope that we will be heard, for what we are doing now, we are doing for the welfare of Earth, her people, and the whole Cosmos. We all are a single whole. We are a single organism of the Universe. And to lose you is impossible for us. We don’t want a human to disappear as a biological species and as a reason. We hope that a moment will eventually come when humanity will come to its senses, reject enmity, hatred, envy, malice, and take a sober look at the situation and become aware that all of you – the people of Earth – are brothers, and you have one God, and that all of us – both you and us – originate from one Creator. And we should live together and create together. Our road leads to immortality, not to non-existence. I repeat again: you still have time.


I am calling all people capable of understanding and accepting what I am saying to join the work in order to unite all people of good will into a single family, a single world religion, call it as you wish. But faith in the God-Creator should be the main foundation for uniting. And let it be without His name for now, though He has a name, you are not ready to accept it yet, but it will be given to you as a torch, as a Light and a source of all beginnings.


People of the planet Earth, there is a lot of work ahead. We want to see you happy. However, at present we are talking not about happiness, but about life. We want to see you alive. So be alive! Open your hearts to meet the energy of the Creator and accept His gift – the gift of life. May success attend you in your advancement.


The message was conveyed by Christ

on behalf of the Cosmic Researches Center of

the Galactic Commonwealth of Planetary Systems

January 11, 2001



Dear Friends,
we will appreciate very much your participation and desire to share and disseminate this message
and will be grateful to you from the bottom of our hearts


  ASCENSION project