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The first message of the Dolphins Assembly



Facing a new millennium, we are seeing the old world and those principles that have lost their power off. Today we have gathered for a popular assembly. Today we have taken a decision we have never in Earths history taken before. We have decided to choose our representatives among people whom we grant the right to represent our interests in a human beings world.

Among people there exists an opinion that we are but mere big fish to which you can do anything you want to. Is that so? Its on you, people, to judge. But only those can judge who have attained this high status to be judges, that is to say, to be those who see in full a real picture of what is happening. How can you understand or, moreover, form an opinion about us if you havent learnt to respect the life of living beings similar to you?

What similarity are we talking about? About the similarity of mental activity. About those who have their culture, traditions, and laws. We are intelligent beings. And this is the core meaning of our message. We think, fulfill many tasks, keep many secrets, and have knowledge. And what is more, we are trying to help you, though it could be strangely enough for you to hear this.


We are merciful to you, understanding many of your deeds motivation, realizing that you, people, are different, and among you there are both: the developed and high ones and also those who are scarcely capable of being selective about their thoughts, who think in critical actions zone and do not endeavor to see the integral picture of the world.


Those who have reached the high thoughts level can not stop iniquities (lawless acts). A vicious circle is being formed where humanity is being split into two categories. The biggest one thinks that it can waste its life (burn the candle at both ends), living at the expense of other beings who have the right to life. The other part does its best to make true positions clear for those who have lost them. A critical mass of opposing energies is being created. And all parts will get involved in this confrontation.

We have gathered for a popular assembly and for the first time decided to detect the cohort of people able to represent out interests.


What does it mean? It means that we will periodically notify you, people, of the true facts and real situation on the planet. We have more objective information. We can warn.

You can coordinate your actions with ours. And this is going to be real work for those who are ready. We will help this world. We will help people. At the moments of troubles we will notify you of danger.

The telepathic message
received by Yelena Novosvit
June 30, 2011,
translated by Yelena Vesna