“Messages to Awakening Humanity”

The messages are recorded by Yelena Novosvit
through the gift of
clairaudience (telepathy),
through her heart and the words of the prayer.


The books that have been published in Ukraine:

Book 1 “Living Word”


“All worlds and all living beings aspire to develop, move forward, and perfect the world and themselves. The idea of your own development and your feelings perfection should be essential for you. You can aspire to everything that develops you. Aspire to knowledge! Aspire to create, because there is nothing that builds up a soul the way various creative activities do.

“Everything I am telling you now is not simply information, but rather teachings for a soul which I am trying to open up. I want to give your Spirit an opportunity to reveal itself, open new opportunities for this. And this is the work at the consciousness level. This is much more serious than mere information. This is the removal of the blocks and extraneous layers that prevent you from perceiving life differently and freely and feeling the new that is coming.”

It is essential for the true faith not to become a fanatic worship consisting of self-reproach and continuous repentance. This is not the way upward. This makes no headway. And this is not what the Creator desires. He desires the best feelings coming from our hearts to arise between us. And this is our way – the way of development and evolution, as all living beings have an opportunity to develop and perfect themselves. And I encourage you to do this.



Book 2 “Life Story


“I am the one who is designated by the signature. I am Christ. I work with the Creator and, in your language, I am His right hand, and therefore, I am a son of God, as you understand it. I am speaking with you in the first person. I am talking about myself. I am trying as mildly as possible to explain to you a true picture of what had been happening. I repeat again: I am talking about myself and in the first person. In what person were the multivolume books, known to you, written? And who can tell, retell, explain for certain – he, who went through it himself and keeps it in his memory, or those who compile texts bearing in mind the guidelines and the changes that they need?”



Book 3 “New Word


“Our Father”. Yes, today we will talk about the prayer well-known to you, the prayer, which I offered as an example for communication with the Father.”

“I wish to speak with you in the language of feelings and in the language of knowledge. In your opinion, may they be combined? Is it possible to feel what I want to explain about the unknown worlds? Trust is essential for this. And it is very difficult to gain because the possibility of communication through telepathy has not been cognized by you yet. You have no criteria and your judgments are often false. You judge only on what the general world outlook imposes on you, but it has distortions in many respects. For this reason I did not dare talk directly to people because of the fixed borders in your consciousness: “this can be and that can not be. And these boundaries are to be expanded, because another age has come, a new time flow.”

“I am now sending seeds – new knowledge from the positions of a new age and expanded world outlook free of earthlings’ religious dogmas. I wish to speak freely and openly in the Creator’s flow.”

“The Gospel parables. There are many different interpretations. There are many differences in translations. Today I would like to start a conversation about the parables to make them more understandable. I would like you to hear these parables in a new way, as if I would tell them sitting in your circle and speaking in plain language.”



Book 4 “Cosmic Laws and State-parables”


“Cosmic Laws came to you from the world of energies. They are adapted for human understanding according to the time flow in which they are given. They are transformed into the language of letters and sounds that have an approximate meaning in the cosmic language. And thus the names of Cosmic Laws may be different, but the main or key point is that their meanings should coincide in the world of sounds.

 I will talk about Cosmic Laws in a somewhat different way than they have been talked about before. Why? For times have changed, human knowledge has changed and become more profound. At this time period many notions may be expanded and separated. And it is possible to give other designations, because my messages are meant for those who have beyond-religions consciousness, who aspire to the future, who see the world through their right understanding of it.”

Cosmic Laws must become a foundation that will form new consciousness. It is especially important for the young generation because the transformation of thinking will begin starting from this very generation.”

“The Laws common for the entire Universe and accepted in all the worlds include the laws for the thin, subtle world and the laws that are in force in material structures.”



Book 5 “Answers to the Questions”


What does the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil mean in the Bible? The tower of Babel and the partitioning of the languages. The Star of Bethlehem and Christmas. Epiphany and Lent. The sign of the cross – what meaning does it have if to consider it from the positions of the world of energies? How to reach agreement and a unified faith in God? What language did Jesus Christ speak? What is the shroud of Christ? How did the Teacher work with His disciples? What is the conception of Christianity? The Teacher’s answers to these and many other questions were collected in this book which we invite you to read.



Book 6 “Answers to the Questions”


The sixth book is the sequel to the fifth one. It contains the Teacher’s answers to the questions about Cosmos and life in the Universe, about a soul and consciousness, about human abilities and the development program of a human being.

The worlds are determined by multiple realities and a soul comes into this world as a godlike monad. So what is the separation of this particle? And what is the Higher Self? Do the representatives of inorganic nature have souls? What is radiant humanity? Spiritual gifts – how can a man be honored with them? What is destructive force? Can a man, having a strong desire and aspiration, learn to feel and identify different vibrations of thin, subtle planes? Emotions and feelings – what is the difference? New time and new energies, new consciousness and new thinking – what does the Spiritual World of Cosmos mean by these notions? Who are the Slavs? Where did they come from? This book will tell its readers about transcendental meditation and the Reiki energy, about the Holy Grail and a miracle of holy ointment shedding, about levitation and many other interesting things.



Book 7 “Meditation. Human Energy Structure. Harmonization


“The moment of awareness will be able to bring closer the beginning of a new organizing moment, the beginning of a new stage of the human development. And our communication occurs in order to bring this moment closer. In order to create this opportunity – the beginning of awareness, the beginning of awakening, the beginning of the constructive moment of the implementation of grandiose plans for the reconstruction of those lost fundamentals that will allow to change many things here – I talk about an energy structure, I talk about the process of thought formation, I talk to the humanity whose way of thinking is based on a new basis.”

“Harmonization aims at developing, at perfecting because an energy structure is not like something amorphous or rigid, it is an alive energy substance that has forms and sizes, and has its tasks and functions.”

Initial work presupposes awareness. It is an impetus for the development of consciousness, for the discovery of organism’s latent reserves. Awareness, mind control, barring from breaking the Cosmic Laws, leveling, forming connections, total opening of the centers and their balanced functioning, forming a wholeness that leads to integrity – these are the milestones of the harmonization process.”



Book 8 “Primary Course of Learning. Dialogues with the Teacher”


This book is a result of the work of a group of people who had been reading the Teacher’s messages for two years and afterward made up their mind to start a dialogue with Him. The people, who decided to work at self-improvement deliberately, who accepted everything the Teacher talked about, attempted by means of serious work to change a lot in themselves, tune their thinking to the active phase of learning and transformation process.

The belief in the revealing abilities, affirmation of strength, positive approach to life, thorough study of one’s own body and its interconnections with an energy structure determine the primary form of work.



Book 9 “Cosmos”


Planets. Suns. Celestial bodies. Star worlds. They are distant but at the same time they are very close, because you are children of the Cosmos, not the closed system of the planet Earth. You are children of the Galaxy and, looking into the night sky, try to detach yourself from all earthly problems and for a moment feel yourself a dweller of the Universe that is alive and pulsating. Feel your heart beating in unison with the rhythms of the Universe. And then, having made you breath even and your pulse steady, you will feel yourself attuned to the great communication with all living beings in the Universe.”

This book is about the Cosmos and cosmic notions. It is addressed to those who have established peace in their souls, who wish for consolidation, agreement, and unity of our world. It is for those who wish to have a holistic view of this world, whose thinking is positive, who got rid of rude self-expressions, including fear, who is learning to live under the Cosmic Laws, who believe in the God-Creator.

This collection of messages consists of the independent parts. The first part was received by Yelena Novosvit during the years 2000 – 2002, the second, the third, and the forth parts were received by her during the years 2003 – 2006. The narration “Diary of Judas” was received and written down by Marina through the gift of clairaudience in 2006.



Вook 10 Love


Love. “Why does this topic form the basis of true primary knowledge about the human Devine program? Only because that’s what is close to every living. And our task is to restore the original purity of the notion “love”.

The book “Love” consists of three parts. The first part contains the Teacher’s answers to the questions about love, its laws and manifestations in the world of Earth. The second part is called “Love meditations”. Its very tender and heartfelt love states described by Yelena Novosvit will allow you to feel and sense the love energy in its true and subtlest manifestations. The third part – “Prophet’s Wife” – will become a wonderful present for everyone who will read the narration written down by Aurora.



The subsequent books:

“Cosmic ABC”


Soul and Spirit

“Answers to the Questions”


“Image and Likeness in Aura Glow”



A touch
Father's talk to a daughter

The first book


How to explain through words the things that can be felt only through the heart? All lines of this confession have been written down through the heart and the words of the prayer. This is the intimate conversation and the intimate book that was written as a dialogue of two hearts, for my father passed away and I began to invoke our Heavenly Father asking Him to talk to me as to His daughter.

I called upon God, the Creator of our Earth, our Universe, because I felt the need to talk to Him, feel His support a child feels from her parent. And I received an answer.

At first, it was very difficult for me to write because I didn’t hear the words, only the powerful energy as if a wave rolled on me and I felt something inexplicable – an amazing states, sensations, and energy pictures. But in the soul there were disappointment and uncertainty – will I be able to understand and convey what I feel? And I asked Him to speak to me at the human level. Gradually I was learning to decipher these powerful waves thanks to a meditation state, complete detachment.

Here is a personal experience of communication with God as the Father, the experience of a person who has an aspiration for self-improvement.



The second book


This book is Yelena’s personal diary and it will be of interest to those who can or wish to learn to feel, understand, and become aware of the written lines through the heart. It is for those who are getting to know the world at the feelings level.

The book contains three parts. The first part – “Father’s talk to a daughter” – is written down as a talk of two hearts. This is a personal experience of communication with God as the Father. The second part consists of meditations-contemplations, reminiscences of the past, and Yelena’s amazing fairytales that will allow you to feel tender impulses of nature, the beauty and bliss of love energy flows. The third part – “Aurora’s fairytales” – is written down by a very tender, delicate soul who in her young life has had rather serious experience. These fairytales will bring you pleasure and allow you to feel the Divine flows coming through the heart of the soul who wrote them down.



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