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Teacher's message 9.10.2013

Each stage of our work has its own tasks, and most importantly, what I came up with in my communication with you, what conclusions I made: firstly, considering your capabilities (not the capabilities of individuals taken separately, but the capabilities of the whole group of people), you need to speak in modern language, available explaining the essence of the above, the essence of the question. The second is that different levels of perception allow me to search and ...

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The Code of Honor allows us to assert the unshakable foundations that will become pillars of the Spirit for each person, observing which a person firmly asserts his choice - to be faithful to the Light, accepting the foundations of the morality and morality of the Spiritual World. Speaking about the code of honor, it is necessary to remember that the person who agrees and accepts it, becomes at this moment the servant of the Light. Everything living, coexisting on planet Earth, has ...

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