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Congratulations on March 8!

Dear beloved girls! All with the spring! All a lot of joy, love, kindness and beauty! Remember about your destination! Recall that we are goddesses! And we will help this world to become better! Elena Novosvit Congratulations on spring! Let the world ...

March 5 - Teacher's Day

FRIENDS! March 5 - for us this day is a holiday! We invite everyone who remembers and believes: - in 19 hours on a live broadcast on FB, to read the new Teacher's Message; - in 20 hours ...

Congratulations to Elena Novosvit with 18-th anniversary of the ministry!

Congratulations to Elena Novosvit with 18-th anniversary of the ministry! Thank you for your service and we wish to see the fruits of your labors! May all plans of the Spiritual World and the program of the Creator be fully realized!

Readings of Teacher's Messages in English - Live broadcasts

Friends, We have completed the translation of Teacher’s first book, The Living Word, into English! And now, two times a week, a beautiful and courageous woman live on Facebook live — Olga reads messages in English and tells her ...

Anthem of the Cathars - Children of Light

Based on the books “LIGHT OF LOVE” and “LIGHT TO PEACE” by Elena Novosvit On the eve of the release of a documentary film about Occitania and Good People! "Dedicated to the Children of Light - those pure and bright souls who gave their lives in ...

Image and color. Meditative paintings of Elena Novosvit

We invite to the page of Elena Novosvit on Facebook, where she shares her work with those who are interested in it ... “Creativity is connected with the creation of an image, with our figurative and intuitive thinking. We all come from childhood. We all remember how we ...

Live broadcasts - Reading of Messages to an Awakening Humanity.

Dear like-minded friends! Those who seek to actively explore the world and who are interested in everything new! We invite you to read the live Epistles to the awakening humanity, recorded through clairaudience. The messages are addressed to those who have an open heart and ...

Kindergarten for children-vegetarians

Dear friends, vegetarians and raw foodists! 🙂 Great news for you! A kindergarten is being created for children-vegetarians and children-syroedov at the metro Svyatoshino. Det. the garden is being created by a team of experienced professional teachers who have already implemented successful private children. the garden ...

the book "Light to the World"

Friends, February 9 we published the book “LIGHT TO PEACE” - the story of Qatar of Occitania, the true bearers of the Christian faith. This book is a continuation of the book "LIGHT OF LOVE" - the life story of a woman known as Mary Magdalene. ABOUT THE BOOK "LIGHT ..."

video "Spirit of Ukraine"

Friends, we have posted on YouTube a video “The Spirit of Ukraine” in which Elena Novosvit explains the origins of the 12 book “Messages to Awakening Humanity” recorded in the Ukrainian language. Elena talks about the Spirit of Ukraine, his awakening, his qualities, how it is possible ...


The 12 book of messages "COSMIC ABETKA" was released - the translation of the "Space Booklet" into Ukrainian, - books for parents who want to teach their children the alphabet and knowledge of the world from new, spiritual positions. ...

The film "ASCENT. START…"

1 December 2012 of the year was released the film “ASCENT. THE BEGINNING ... ”in the 3-x parts The film tells the story of the creation of the books“ Christ. Messages to the awakening mankind "recorded through clairvoyance by Elena Novosvit.


The Code of Honor allows us to assert the unshakable foundations that will become pillars of the Spirit for each person, observing which a person firmly asserts his choice - to be faithful to the Light, accepting the foundations of the morality and morality of the Spiritual World. Speaking of the code of honor, it is necessary ...


The manifesto was handed over by the Teacher by Christ and is a call to unite the efforts of all the people of Goodwill on planet Earth in the name of restoring harmony and prosperity here! Earth, Mother, Nurse ... Earth creates conditions for your life ...


Oh, the new age has arrived, the millennium has changed. You - today's inhabitants of the planet Earth - came to this world at the intersection of epochs when a new ideology replaces the ideology of one. Christianity, like other religions of the world - Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, ...

picture of Elena Novosvit

Dear friend!

Peace to you and your home!

Our website is dedicated to you the brave, pure, loving, kind and inquisitive, to you about whom Christ said that you are the Light of this world. dedicated to our site.

We are glad to welcome you in our hospitable home - in the space of ASCENSION Project website.

We invite you to come in and learn about the new that is coming into this world, what has been revealed to us and what we are ready to share with you.

If you are interested and feel spiritual connection, then we invite you to a friendly chat, based on mutual respect and acceptance.

We extend the hand of friendship to you, for we seek to unite all the bright souls of the planet. You have the right and freedom to know and realize the new that is knocking on the door of this world.

We will be happy to share the knowledge that has opened up to us. and that has been compiled into books "Christ. Messages to an Awakening Humanity ", which were recorded through the gift of clairaudience.

You are standing on the threshold, and we are inviting you: Come in! Let's get acquainted.

Let's save each other from biased views and hasty conclusions.

The world is on the verge of change - everything old, rough, obsolete must go as it is being replaced by new knowledge that can change our life.

We have been tired of the chains of ignorance for long enough,
We seek the knowledge.
What can be of more value to the life than gifts of Christ,
than spiritual food?
We seek for answers to the questions
that worry us.
We find them in the books
that hold the light of knowledge.
The face of Truth has been too long forgotten.
The hand of Christ is lifting off the veil.
The Teacher of the world is speaking.
He brings the Light so Darkness will dispel.

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Teacher's message 01.03.2019

There are important moments in your life in which the soul manifests itself, in which you are presented before a choice, and often this choice leads you to many changes in your life. Have you experienced such moments? Many will be able to answer ...

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Teacher's message 22.02.2019

Our communication is built primarily on trust. For many years I have been strenuously arguing that I have only good intentions towards you, the people of Earth, that I am the one who at this time of change is sending to

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Teacher's message 15.02.2019

Today I will talk about the energy of Life, about that power, without which existence in this world is impossible. What qualitative changes are awaiting her? What cardinally new will be added to this Flow? I'm talking about the Flow of Life, about ...

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Teacher's message 08.02.2019

An excerpt from the last text of the Message. Part of the text is addressed to me, in connection with the 18 anniversary of my work ... I decided to post the second part ... Elena Novosvit We know how difficult the task set in the present time is, we know how much power ...

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